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Elizabeth Hibel, Goddess Branwen

Branwen is the embodiment of Sovereignty and is the Guardian of Avalon, holding the energy of the passive principle. She is the Whole, the Center, the World Axis. The primal Feminine energy, all things emanate from Branwen.

She is the Goddess of the Land Manifest, as well as the Spirit of the Land. On Avalon, Branwen was primarily consulted in
matters dealing with Her Realm – that is, concerning the full tapestry of Avalon, rather than the individual stitches. She is the Goddess of the grand scheme of things, the broader perspective that allows the greater patterns to be revealed.

Branwen is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is also considered the Lady of the Lake and is the embodiment of the Land. She is the Goddess of sovereignty and should be included in any ritual that deals with the Land or earth.

Call on Branwen when you need help starting a new project, are looking for inspiration, or are faced with a new beginning. In the Avalonian tradition Branwen corresponds with Spirit Elementals and the 1st (spirit/awen) chakra.

• The attunement in a Chi-ball. 
• Digital manual and certificate
• Help and support if necessary

AND you can pass this beautiful energy onto others!

Founder: Elizabeth HibelElizabeth Hibel
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